Infrastructure and Underground Utilities

Utility construction is necessary for the operation and infrastructure of a construction project.

Infrastructure and Underground Utilities

About Infrastructure and Underground Utilities

Utility construction, or the installation of underground utilities, is necessary for the operation and infrastructure of a construction project. Our crews at B3 Construction, trench and install pipe so that water, storm drainage, sewer service, fire protection, and stormwater may flow without interruption. Ground water can only be found in Florida, so our crews are experienced with the challenges it poses.

What's part of the service?

Sanitary Sewer

A number of different climates and conditions are accommodated by B3 Construction when installing sewer systems. In order to ensure our work is of the utmost quality, we TV the lines and use our own equipment. By taking this extra step, we can ensure inspections are approved and do not slow down production.

Since our pipe crews are experienced in residential and commercial development, they work well with different types of pipes and are sure to bid the job with the right materials.

Storm Drainage

As part of wastewater management, concrete storm drains provide flooding protection for communities and infrastructure. In addition to meeting the needs of our clients, B3 Construction also ensures that our work benefits our local communities by ensuring their safety.

Fire Lines

Having an effective fire line installation is essential to public safety, which is why it needs to be fully operational and defect-free without compromise. Fire line pipeline must be tested at the correct pressure and thoroughly flushed to eliminate debris, which poses a risk to the fire sprinkler system. As soon as the fire line trenches pass pressure tests, they are backfilled and compacted according to code and other specifications.

To ensure safety and preservation, single-family residential systems rely on water mains and fire hydrants, while commercial systems depend on advanced fire lines connected to fire departments, along with other underground systems for fire suppression.

Reclaimed Water

Our services include treating and filtering waste water for reuse, a process that removes harmful by-products while retaining beneficial components needed to fertilize landscapes when using reclaimed water for irrigation.

We ensure that the reclaim systems are installed according to specifications with our crews.

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