Site Work

If you're looking for a company that can provide quality sitework, look no further than B3 Construction.

Site Work

About our Site Work


Our excavation and grading team is the perfect choice for creating ponds and lakes. Utilizing precision and expertise, they can make the appropriate grades with ease. With several trucks delivering materials daily, they work swiftly to get everything in place for the next team - making sure to sweep appropriate areas if necessary to maintain a clean job site.

Mass Grading

As the first step in the construction process, mass grading consists of moving soils and earth in order to create a solid foundation for a building or structure.

Clearing & Grubbing

B3 Construction has a team of skilled workers on hand for every phase of the construction project. Working on raw land development is the responsibility of our Clearing, Grubbing, and Burning team. By getting the land surveyed, installing the silt fence, and clearing the land, they specialize in the beginning phases of development. Finally, they prepare for the import of the materials by safely burning the waste on site. It saves time by moving quickly so excavation and grading can begin on one section while they work on another.


Our company has developed a corporate mentality focused on moving as much soil as possible as effectively and efficiently as possible by using superior project management techniques and innovative excavation techniques. B3 Construction uses the most up-to-date and modern equipment available, resulting in higher production and less downtime. In addition to accelerating the schedule for the project, we minimize delays for contractors who may be following us. B3 Construction sets the pace on every job with meticulous planning and professional field personnel.

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